Legacy Society

Legacy Commitments

What do you love about our community? How do you want to be remembered? Through Hutchinson Community Foundation, you can support the causes you care about for generations to come. Whether it�s a Named Fund for Hutchinson that will help us address the changing needs of Hutchinson & Reno County, a field of interest fund that carries on your passion for education, the arts or another field, or a specific philanthropic purpose you have in mind, Hutchinson Community Foundation provides a home for your permanent legacy.

These donors have looked to Hutchinson Community Foundation as a long-term steward of their gifts. The Legacy Society includes those who generously provide for gifts to and through the Community Foundation in their estate plans or give significantly to an endowed fund in their lifetime.

Kay & Dan Almanza
Loren & Jane Balzer (Buhler Community Foundation)
Ruth & Bob Barker
Charles E. & Bonnie Benscheidt
Dr. Edward & Carol Berger
Marilyn & Larry Bolton
Gladys & Dr. Norman* Bos
Lori & Derek Bower
Sonja Brigman
Joan & John Brown
Linda and Bob Brown
Diane & Uriah Bueller
Ann & Bob Bush
Susan & Sam Buttram
Frances Calderwood
Angeline “Kiki” Cappony
Camille & Dave Claxton 
Dr. Sally Coberly
Sharon & Mark Coberly
Marcia & John Corey
Melva & Maurice Cummings
Anne Lauer & Brian E. Davis 
Donna Davis
Mary Kay & Steve Dechant
Arthur & Eva* Dick (Buhler Community Foundation)
David Dick & Patty Macke Dick
Carolyn & Dick* Dillon
Ruth & Paul Dillon
Stacey & Reed Dillon
Angel & Steve Dillon
Tammy & Brad Dillon
Tremenda & Butch Dillon
Hazel* & Edward Doherty 
Kris & John Doswell
Concha Duarte
Janet Dillon Duval
Terry & R.A. Edwards
Eunice & Dr. Willis* Esau
Kristen & Allen Fee 
Lindsey Fields & Jeremy Crosby (Buhler Community Foundation)
Connie Folks
Patty & Dr. Dan Foss 
JoAnn* & Roger Franke
Lisa & Jim French
Daniel & Sarah Friesen (Buhler Community Foundation)
Kris & Wendell* Friesen (Buhler Community Foundation)
Dr. Marilyn & Bill Graham 
Martha & Dick Hamilton
Janie Hart 
Cathy & Luke Herren
Amanda Hullet
Sara & Dal Hunt (Buhler Community Foundation)
Lois & Avory* Johnson, Jr.
Henrietta Jones
Bryana & Russell Kelley  
Patty & Dave Kerr
Dr. Shelly & Bob Kiblinger
Sharon & Charles* Kimbell
Lynette Lacy & Bruce Buchanan
Judy Langley
Frank & Loida Lin Leone
Stevan “Lance Romance” Ligino
Robert R. & Charlene M.* Lind
Dr. Ellen & Steve Losew
Marilyn Lynch
David* & Zahn B. Lukens
Judy & Rich Manka
Sandra & Joe McMullen
Tucker & Nation Meyer
Dia & John Montgomery
Mary B. Montgomery
Darla & John* Neal
Barbara & Jim Nunns
Jeff* & Mary O’Neal
Judy & Sam Ontjes
Elizabeth & John* Oswald 
Oswald Family Foundation
Aubrey & Lance Patterson
Anita & Ron Pfister
Susan & Randy Puls
Jeannine Rayl
Virginia Rayl
Misty & Jerrod Reimer
Susan & Mark Richardson
Drs. Linda & William Richter
Drs. Leo* and Helen Weeks Rogers 
Mary & Del* Ruff
Susan & Roy C. Russell, D.V.M.
Arvy & Jack Sampson
Doris & Menno Schmidt
Liz & Jake Schmidt (Buhler Community Foundation)
Warren & Phyllis* Schmitt
Connie & Jay Schrock
Ruth & Dr. Jack Schroll
Roonie* & Mert Sellers
Chris & Nikki Shain (Buhler Community Foundation)
Frances* & Dr. Robert Shears
Richard E. & Patricia A. Smith
Phyllis J. Snyder
Peg & John Stephens
Connie & Darrell* Stutzman
Doris & Jack* Sutton
Trudy Swint
Betty & James Taylor
Ron A. Taylor & Carolyn S. Taylor
Harold L. & Linda A. Tegethoff 
Chris Terrill & Jamie Funke
Norman* & Ruth Terrill
Janice & David* Turner
Doris Vandergiesen 
Glenda & Ken Vogel
Sue & Larry Wagerle
Ron Werner
LuAnn & Darren Wicks
E. Craig Williams
Skip & Kim Wilson
Gary & Nancy Witham
Sandy & Leland Woodson
Donna & Dr. Jack Wortman
Sue Wray
Lisa & Jay Yoder
Kate & Jonathan Zimmerman
Donna & Alvin Zwick

*indicates those who are deceased

If you have designated Hutchinson Community Foundation in your estate plans and are not on this list, please let us know so that we may fully understand and honor your charitable intentions and include you in upcoming Legacy Society activities and communications.