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Fund for Hutchinson awards more than $200,000 in grants

Hutchinson Community Foundation announced the 2014 Fund for Hutchinson grant awards on Thursday, November 13 at the Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center. Established in 1990 by the founding Board of Directors as a permanent resource for the changing needs of Reno County, more than $2.7 million has been awarded to more than 150 area organizations and agencies from this Fund. This year, 28 organizations providing a myriad of services and programs in Reno County are collectively receiving $200,177. In honor of the Foundation's 25th year, this is the most the Fund for Hutchinson has granted in any given year.

Grant recipient organizations are:


Family Community Theatre - $1,500
Introduce new audiences to the theatre in an interesting outdoor venue, the Dillon Nature Center, through interactive performances for children and adults surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Hutchinson Symphony Association - $1,850
Celebrate the 50th season by bringing extraordinary soloists and ensembles to perform with the Symphony.

Hutchinson's Historic Fox Theatre - $6,515
Purchase stage platforms to expand and enhance the capabilities of the Fox, its arts partners, and renters to present live events and educational programs, as well as increase rental revenue.

TECH, Inc. - $1,704
Assist TECH clients in growing their entrepreneurial skills and connecting with the greater Hutchinson community through designing and selling silk scarves.


City of Hutchinson - $5,700
Support for a Neighborhood Revitalization Workshop that engages 30 civic and neighborhood leaders to achieve consensus on neighborhood revitalization strategies in Hutchinson.

Hope and Life Center - $6,000
Start up for Square One, the initial phase of South Main public square placemaking for hosting artful community events and serving as a destination for people living both north and south of the tracks.

Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber of Commerce - $4,000
Conduct a study to discover why people may work in Reno County but live in another community, using the results to better community initiatives and programming to make Reno County a place of choice.

Hutchinson Recreation Commission - $16,000 in 2014, $17,000 in 2015, & $18,000 in 2016
First year of a three-year grant to support the sustainability of community development efforts to create an attractive place to live and work by developing a more vibrant, active community.

Interfaith Housing Services, Inc. - $15,000 x 2 years ($30,000 total)
First year of a two-year grant to establish a central Projects Coordinator position that will coordinate community efforts in addressing Hutchinson's housing needs, including critical repair and rehabilitation, by connecting organizations, programs, volunteers, and funding.

Interfaith Housing Services, Inc. - $15,000 x 2 years ($30,000 total)
First year of a two-year grant to support a Mutual Self-Help Housing program where families can achieve their dream of homeownership as they build their own homes, gain financial responsibility, learn life skills, and build equity into their home while working to develop our community.

Rotary Club of Hutchinson - $2,500
Celebrate the Centennial of the Rotary Club in Hutchinson through the improvement and beautification of a distressed area in Avenue A Park.


Circles of Hope Reno County - $6,000
Develop tailored programming and curriculum for children of Circle Leaders, training activities and parenting resources for Circles of Hope families, and counseling services to reinforce positive life changes and promote generational success.

Kansas Children's Service League - $8,000
Operational assistance for Healthy Families of Reno County, a home visitation program that provides primary child abuse and neglect prevention services to families by helping create family sufficiency and independence centered on the relationship with their child. Matched 1:1 by Medicaid.

Kansas Legal Services - $600
Purchase computer monitors to assist office staff in their ability to serve clients.

Reno County Drug Court - $3,150
Pro-social reinforcements and sustainability for intensive recovery support services to high-risk clients.

Salvation Army of Hutchinson - $3,878
Replace antiquated office equipment with new computers in order to efficiently serve, record, and track clients.

Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Center - $1,000
Materials for the Red Flag Campaign, a public awareness campaign to educate about and prevent dating violence at Hutchinson Community College.

Trails West EMS - $9,300
Purchase needed equipment and uniforms, as well as fund operating costs, in order to ensure the highest level of care possible to the citizens of Western Reno County.

The Volunteer Center - $9,000 x 3 years ($27,000 total)
Second year of a three-year grant of bridge funding to provide continuous service while implementing a sustainability plan.


Communities That Care - $10,000
Reduce youth substance use in Reno County through targeted research-based programming, policy changes, and coalition capacity building efforts.

Dillon Nature Center - $8,200
Through a new exhibit, educate and engage children and adults in learning about our amazing planet and encouraging them to explore the world outside.

Hutchinson Public Schools - $5,000 x 3 years ($15,000 total)
Second year of a three-year grant to support the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme. Matched 1:1 by the Davis Foundation.

Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center - $15,000 x 3 years ($45,000 total)
First year of a three-year grant to increase the Cosmosphere's capacity to develop, deliver, and pursue external funding for applied STEM educational programming.

Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center - $15,000
Purchase interactive technologies for the Robotics Program to challenge and inspire young adults and offer teaching tools for educators.

KPTS Channel 8 - $2,500
Continue to bring the PBS KIDS programming to Reno County, making quality educational programming available to the youngest and most impressionable children in our community. Matched 1:1 by PBS viewers.

To foster the growth, education, and development of young people who are eighteen years of age and younger, with a preference for funding activities that result in an early intervention in an at-risk child's life.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Hutchinson - $10,000
Scholarships for youth housed in the NOEL Lodge to attend the Boys & Girls Clubs free of charge, providing a place of stability with caring mentors who care about their success academically, physically, and mentally.

Early Education Center - $3,900
Erect a shade structure on the Early Education Center's new playground, allowing children and adults protection from the sun during play time.

Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland - $3,250
Curriculum and financial assistance for underserved girls in grades K-5 to participate in Girl Scout Clubs and get the Girl Scout Leadership Experience at no cost.

Kid Krossing, Inc. - $6,630
Enhance the playground area at Nickerson United Methodist Church to provide an additional outdoor venue for the after-school program that encourages participation in outdoor activities and exercise.

Transitional Learning Center - $4,000
Purchase language arts materials for students so every learner is better prepared to return to their home-based school, graduate, and become a productive member of society.

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