Making generosity more powerful

For more than 25 years, Hutchinson Community Foundation has been working to multiply the impact of charitable giving by connecting community members, nonprofits, and other partners to brighten the future of Hutchinson and Reno County through philanthropy.

In addition to the Fund for Hutchinson, our community endowment, we currently hold over $45 million in more than 300 funds established by individuals, families, and businesses in Reno County, allowing everyone to make a powerful difference in our community in their own unique way.

Hutchinson Community Foundation works with individuals, families and professional advisors to engage and educate you about the issues affecting our community and how to make a greater impact with your giving. We provide administrative support and fiscal stewardship, encourage innovative thinking and share community knowledge.

We are committed to community causes

As a community foundation, we exist solely because we care about what happens in Hutchinson and Reno County. We want to see the community thrive, just as you do. 

Our primary focus is to make sure that the needs right here in the community are being met. Because of this, we work diligently to identify new areas of need within the community, and we work to support them with grants from the Fund for Hutchinson. We also connect our donors with these types of opportunities so that they can support issues that otherwise might not come to light without our community insight. For more about how we're working in the community, visit the Building Community page.

See the difference you've made

The generosity of our donors has already helped thousands of people. To find out about specific organizations and how they've benefitted, visit Making a Difference.